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Your users are mobile, your app monitoring solution should be, too.

“Whether it's checking Apdex with your morning coffee; hunting down sluggish servers in between train stops; or squashing that one last bug before you head out for family dinner...having all the power of New Relic with us wherever we are has helped us redefine application support.”

- Taylor Bird, Mimeo.com

Taylor Bird

Take code-level visibility with you. Use New Relic's App for iPhone and iPad. Apple App Store

Stay Alert(ed) with New Relic’s iPhone & iPad apps!

Track all your key events and errors in the app, and get push notifications for problem alerts.

The Data is in the Details

See Everything in ONE Screen: View everything you monitor including web apps, mobile apps, servers, key transactions and plugins, in one screen, with our beautifully intuitive and visually striking dashboard display.

With New Relic’s free iPad app you can:
  • View everything you monitor including web apps, mobile apps, servers, key transactions and plugins in one gorgeous and intuitive tiled dashboard display.
  • Use color-coding (green, yellow, red) in your dashboard to easily spot apps that need attention. If an app is yellow or red, it will show up at the top of the list so you can stay alerted to problematic instances.
  • Zoom in for the details and zoom out for the big picture of all the applications on your dashboard.
  • Favorite your most important applications and view them all in one screen with no clutter.
  • Correlate historical data with ease for all your apps with our dashboard functionality.
  • Focus on the metrics that matter most to you with the new full-screen kiosk mode.
  • Monitor all the events and errors in your app, and get push notifications for problem alerts. Slide on any alert and you’ll be taken directly to the problem area.
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iPad RPM UI screen iPad
The Data is in the Details

Get anytime, anywhere access to all your performance data - from App Server, RUM Performance & Mobile App Metrics to Key Transactions and Plugins, monitor all your data on the go, and receive push notifications for all critical problem alerts.

With New Relic’s free iPhone app you can:
  • Be in the know about app performance and availability problems with push notifications.
  • Get real-time and historical visibility into:
    - Real user monitoring performance (RUM)
    - Key Transaction performance
    - Server resource utilization (CPU, memory, disk, and network)
    - Mobile application and platform plugin performance
  • Keep tabs on end user satisfaction ratings (Apdex).
  • Get event notifications (deployments, notes, etc.).
  • Track application errors while on the go.
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